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Friday Yardening

Today is beautiful, mostly sunny and mild.  Butterflies are out.  I fed the birds.

Yesterday we bought a cartload of flower bulbs.  The selection was better this year -- only a few things I wanted were sold out.  I planted 3 Allium 'Purple and White Duo' and 20 Allium caerulium in the purple and white garden.  The latter are the blue-toned ones that I wanted last year but were sold out, so I was very happy to score some this time.  :D 

I have become quite fond of alliums since I started exploring them a couple years ago.  This spring and summer they performed very nicely for me, so I bought more.  I like having something the critters won't devour.  Perhaps if I plant enough of them, they will help discourage herbivores from feasting on my other plants.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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