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Today's Adventures

We went out today.  The weather was mild and pleasant.

At Harvest Market we found mangosteens!  They were in a bag for $9.99, over a dozen of them.  They are about the size of a racquetball and purple when ripe.  The fruit has a hard rind that you cut through and pry apart.  Then scoop out the sections with a spoon.  The flavor is incredible.  I can see why people compare it to lychee -- if you like those, you'll probably love this.  I think it has kind of a kiwi-melon flavor with a strong floral note.  Some sections have a big seed, others don't. It's very hard to get the fruit off the seed, although it comes out of the rind very easily.  Between the rind and the seeds, there's not a lot of fruit inside.  But I love this stuff.  It's delicious.  :D 3q3q3q!!

We went to Common Ground and I discovered that one of my current brands of hot cereal has a couple other flavors.  The paleo one was intriguing but twice as much, so I decided to try the gluten-free version which is only a little more expensive than the old world style. 

We stopped at a couple of antique stores.  One is going out of business.  What interested us there is the many bookcases.  We're going to walk around the house and measure places to see if we can fit in some more shelves.  Doug wants some for his glass room.  The other antique store had a pair of heavy onyx bookends that look like tiki statues.  I've seen those things going for 2-3 times what we paid for them.  \o/

For supper we ate at Fujiyama.  We tried a couple of new sushi rolls, the Philadelphia (with tuna and cream cheese) and the Rainbow (with tuna, salmon, whitefish, and cucumber).  I wasn't impressed with the whitefish but everything else was awesome.  We also tried the soft-shelled crab, but we generally agreed that it tastes much better in a spider roll than it does alone.

At Wal-Mart, Doug found a package of wild-caught salmon, so we stashed that in the fridge to thaw.  And the apple-crisp flavor of yogurt is finally on the shelves.  When it didn't appear with the crappy pumpkin spice ones, I thought they'd given up on it.  So I grabbed two of those.

It's been a pretty good day.  :D 
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