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Artist-Run Galleries

Compare some different models. Despite the challenges, this is a very effective way to get exposure and in some cases sales.

This sort of thing is much more common in T-America. Most towns have some artists, and therefore a gallery of some sort. Malls often have a gallery full of stuff by many local artists. In larger cities, galleries often serve a neighborhood or other section. The mix isn't always equal, though; some neighborhoods have a totally different focus, while a bohemian neighborhood might have many galleries of different types. It is much easier to make a living as an artist in T-America, because the National Foundation of the Arts gets 0.012% of the federal budget in L-America and 1.20% in T-America. So this is by far the biggest jump: T-America spends 100 times what L-America does. Why have starving artists when you can have public art and artists who can support themselves?
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