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Location Notes for "The Sustaining Bonds" - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Location Notes for "The Sustaining Bonds"
These are the location notes for "The Sustaining Bonds."

See an aerial view of Lake Yahola in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Walter's house has three stories with gorgeous towers and balconies. A jacuzzi and swimming pool overlook Lake Yahola. A large stone patio provides a heat sink to create a warmer microclimate. There actually are some palm trees that grow in Oklahoma.

The front door has ornate ironwork. An elegant wooden bench sits in the foyer. The spiral staircase wraps around a compass rose with a teleport beacon. This popular approach places the landing pad safely out of the way of ordinary traffic, yet brings travelers into the foyer just like any other guest. Looking up the staircase, you can see a chandelier at the top. The foyer includes an elevator. The door on the left leads to the powder room, which has a blue glass sink along with an elaboate toilet and bidet.

Eleanor's craft room has plenty of built-in storage space and an ornate ceiling. Walter keeps his model train collection in a little room of its own.

The game room features a wet bar with kitchenette, multiple viewscreens and video game consoles, skeeball, several arcade games, foosball, air hockey, and an antique tabletop one-armed bandit that Walter doesn't even know was a gift from a supervillain. Not visible from this angle is the poker table with matching chairs. The game room can entertain about 20 people at a time.

The second floor dining room has a round marble floor and a dining table with six chairs. A buffet bar separates the dining room from the kitchen, with another four chairs. The kitchen includes an island with two stools. Beyond that area lies the living room. Here is a closeup of the gas stove and the wine fridge. You can see where the main kitchen wraps around toward the butler's pantry. Located behind the main kitchen, the butler's pantry has extra storage space, including a kitchenette in the back for staff meals. Not visible in this picture, a small table and chairs provide seating. The staff bathroom lies beyond the butler's pantry.

The living room features a fireplace, a viewscreen, and several easy chairs around the coffee tables. It can be cleared to make a ballroom for dancing. A common bathroom on the second floor has two sinks, a shower stall with smart glass, a toilet cubicle, and plentiful storage space.

Fraser's bedroom is decorated with sea life. It can be used as another guest room because he no longer lives with his parents. Ruprecht's bedroom has a fireplace. He is currently at college, but still comes home periodically. The twins Ash and Alder share a bunk bed in their bedroom. They spend part of their time at home between sessions, but they attend a combination of flexible boarding schools and summer camps to pursue a wide range of creative programs.

Some boarding schools in Terramagne offer flexible schedules for students who wish to come and go or attend special programs. Others alternate between classroom and wilderness education. Summer camps teach a variety of fine arts, including citizen artistry.

The third floor landing has a gorgeous chandelier. Large balconies wrap around much of the second and third floors. They offer chairs for outdoor living.

The master bedroom includes a fireplace. This door leads to the master retreat. A walk-in closet provides abundant storage space. The master bathroom has a left sink with storage space, a right sink with vanity, a whirlpool tub between them, a walk-in shower, and a toilet cubicle. The master retreat connects to the master bedroom on one side and to the third floor landing on the other. It features an entertainment center and a kitchenette.

Junket has a suite of his own because it's not rare for him to stay over, especially when chauffeuring the family to and from overseas excursions. The bedroom includes a couch, a king-size bed, two end tables, and a dressing bench. His ensuite bathroom includes a toilet cubicle across from the sink, a whirlpool tub with shower, and a walk-in closet at the far end.

The home office has a desk and chair, along with a daybed couch so it can serve as a guest bedroom, primarily made of bamboo. Walter's nieces often use this one, hence the pink stuffies overhead. This guest bathroom connects both to the office and to the landing, so it doubles as the common bathroom for the third floor.

A private dock extends from Walter's yard into Lake Yahola. A pavilion at the end has benches and a fish cleaning station.

In L-America, Lake Yahola is a reservoir for raw, untreated water and allows fishing from the shore only. (See a map of the area.) In T-America, water runs through an extensive array of marsh filters before entering the lake, so it's quite clean, with areas for boating and swimming. Fish species include saugeye perch, black and white crappie, channel catfish, white bass, and largemouth bass.

This apartment building near Lake Yahola provides living space for shopkeepers and personal servants in the upscale neighborhood. The second floor has three studio apartments and nine 1-bedroom apartments. Shawn has the apartment in the bottom right corner of the second floor plan. The upper floors have twelve 2-bedroom apartments split with the living area on the third floor and bedrooms on the fourth floor. That's a total of twenty-four units of affordable housing close to work. Stores give residents a place to shop for themselves or pick up necessities for their employers, and most of the restaurants offer takeout and delivery service.

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