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Character Notes for "The Sustaining Bonds"

Here are the character notes for "The Sustaining Bonds."

Junket (Brandon Drexler) -- He has pinkish-fair skin and vivid indigo eyes. Although born with black hair, it turned peacock shades of blue and green when he gained his superpower. Unlike many soups, he has a business degree and staunchly maintains that what he does is honest work so he should get paid for it. This clashes with a lot of the altruistic superheroes and the ruthlessly mercenary supervillains alike. He's a businessman, dammit, and he just wants people to respect that.
Origin: At his college, an experiment in Super-Gizmology got out of hand and caused an explosion. A number of students caught in the blast developed Teleporting or Super-Speed, with Junket getting the former. They all share the distinctive peacock-colored hair.
Uniform: Expensive business suit, which rather clashes with his spiky blue and green hair. He also favors heavy eye makeup in the same peacock colors.
Qualities: Good (+2) Business Degree, Good (+2) Fanlore, Good (+2) Fast, Good (+2) Ladies' Man, Good (+2) Networking
Poor (-2) Jumps to Conclusions
Powers: Expert (+4) Teleporting
Motivation: "Let me make this abundantly clear: I do the job, and then I get PAID."

His vidwatch can display a control panel, show movies, and do all kinds of other things. Many people in Terramagne carry their medical records with them on a secure device, which helps both accessibility and privacy.

Kay Vargas -- She has toffee skin, black eyes, and long straight black hair. Her heritage includes French, Spanish, Klamath and Modoc Indian. The name Kay comes from the Klamath-Modoc language and means "rabbit," rather than the Irish "fire" or Latin "pier." She works for the Red Cross as an Emotional First Aide in Westbord, which includes physical first aird training as well, although she's not as good at that part. Her outgoing personality allows her to establish rapport quickly, even under adverse circumstances, and she's an easy read for soups such as empaths and teleporters who need to get a sense of other people. Kay tends to remember all sorts of random facts, so she can chatter about safe topics. As a hobby, she makes baskets, a tradition spanning most Californian tribes along with Spain and Mexico. It's a way to work through historical and intergenerational trauma.
Qualities: Good (+2) Basketmaking, Good (+2) Emotional First Aide, Good (+2) Fast Rapport, Good (+2) Tall Girl, Good (+2) Trivia
Poor (-2) Historical Trauma

Modoc and Klamath are two tribes in California.

Baskets appear in the art of California, Spain, Mexico, and many other places.

(These links are heinous.)
Historical trauma comes out of past harm but impacts people today. Intergenerational trauma is passed down through families. The results can be catastrophic.

Walter Robinson -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short dark hair going gray. He has a kind face with ears that stick out, and he looks like someone's goofy uncle. He is married to Eleanor with four sons: Fraser (24), Ruprecht (18), and the twins Ash and Alder (13). Walter has one brother and two sisters, with a total of three nieces and nephews from them so far, plus another four from Eleanor's brothers and sister. He is a banker who specializes in financing new businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Qualities: Master (+6) Banker, Expert (+4) Economics, Expert (+4) Family Man, Expert (+4) Wealth, Good (+2) Astronomy, Good (+2) Building Community, Good (+2) Fit for His Age, Good (+2) Goofy Charm, Good (+2) Model Railroad Fan,
Poor (-2) Motion Sickness

Shawn Lauder -- She has tawny-fair skin, brown eyes, and straight brown hair. She earned a bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a Human Services Minor, followed by a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management, at the Oklahoma State University. Then she took a 10-week course in butler skills. Shawn loves her job as Walter Robinson's butler, but her service career and sexual orientation have wrecked her relationship with her birth family. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Butler, Good (+2) Butch Lesbian, Good (+2) Organized, Good (+2) Steadfast
Poor (-2) Family Ties

Hospitality and Tourism Management, BSHS
General Education Requirements
ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
ENGL 3323 Technical Writing
POLS 1113 American Government
STAT 2053 Elementary Statistics for the Social Sciences (A)
NSCI 2114 Principles of Human Nutrition (N)
ECON 1113 The Economics of Social Issues (S)
HS 1112 Human Sciences First-Year Seminar
HDFS 2113 Lifespan Human Development (S)

Major Requirements (specific classes listed on website)
Professional Electives
HTM 4090 International Hospitality Studies
HTM 4610 Hospitality Leadership Symposium
HTM 4723 Beverage Education
HTM 4900 Honors Creative Component
BCOM 3223 Oral Communication

Human Services (HSVC), Minor
Minor Requirements
HDFS 2113 Lifespan Human Development (S)
HDFS 2433 Relationship Development and Marriage (S)
HDFS 2453 Management of Human Service Programs
HDFS 2523 Professional Skills in Human Services
HDFS 3123 Parenting (S)
HDFS 3443 Family Dynamics
HDFS 4423 Family Risk and Resilience

Other Requirements (at least 9 hours upper division)
HDFS 4543 Intergenerational Relationships (S)
HDFS 4583 Disabilities in the Family and Community Context
HDFS 4713 Family Resource Management
HDFS 4793 The Family: A World Perspective (IS)
HDFS 4813 Dying, Death and Bereavement

Graduate Certificate Requirements for Nonprofit Management
Required Core Courses (6 hours)
MGMT 5093 Business and Non-Profit Organizations
MGMT 5163 Fundraising for Non-Profits

Choose an additional 6 hours
MGMT 5023 Sustainable Enterprises
MGMT 5051 Creating Ethical Work Places
MGMT 5061 Managing Confrontations
MGMT 5083 Business and Social Responsibility

Butler school teaches a curriculum with lessons in all kinds of caregiving and household management.
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