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Location Notes for "The Oldest Associations" - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Location Notes for "The Oldest Associations"
Here are the location notes for "The Oldest Associations."

San Bernardino is a suburb of Westbord, California.

Here is a thumbnail map of American population. See the original article for a link to the zoomable version. This is one of the resources I used to identify the metroplexes in Terramagne-America.

See the location of California within the United States and the location of San Bernardino in California. The city has a webpage with a small ward map and a large zoomable one.

In T-America, this building was being renovated into a SPOON base. It's located on 7th Street just east of the police station in the first ward of San Bernardino, California. The basement had graffiti on the walls. The electrical panel needed updating. The breakroom on the first floor included a kitchen. The second floor featured a large multipurpose area. Several smaller rooms had been finished enough to use as office space.

Renovating historic buildings requires attention to architectural character both outside and inside.

Seismic rehabilitation includes a variety of upgrades. Compare brick upgrades with liners, brick upgrades with rebar, and new brick construction with rebar.

This Red Cross Clinic stands on 7th Street in the first ward of San Bernardino, California, a few doors down from the building under renovation as a SPOON base. The first floor includes the medical director's office, community volunteer hub, an X-ray lab, 10 standard exam and treatment rooms, 2 procedure rooms, a patient education office, reception and waiting areas, a patient assistance office, a large reflection room, 4 dotties, and a medical provider office. The second floor features a dental office with its own waiting area, hygiene station, and 5 treatment bays; a medical records room; a healthy living center with a waiting area, kitchenette, and classroom; a healthy living counseling room; an administrative area with a general office, counseling office, and volunteer coordinator; a supply room; a physical therapy room; an opthalmology room, a patient resource office; the executive director's office with desk and conference table; the Semnani Family Foundation with a lobby and 6 offices for family services; 2 dotties; a laundry room and hygiene station.

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