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Soldiers without a Safety Net

I've been tracking the military's appalling response to soldiers who come home with combat injuries that make it difficult for them to function. Observe how every victory for soldier advocacy merely results in dumping soldiers through a different loophole. The problem, of course, is caused by the fact that the military isn't a caring institution; its mandate is for efficiency and productive violence. Caring for damaged soldiers reduces efficiency. What they aren't noticing, however, is that abandoning wounded soldiers demolishes morale and undercuts enlistment. I believe that the military has been misused in recent years, but I really do want a strong healthy watchdog in case someone decides to attack us. This kind of betrayal is not in our nation's best interest.

PTSD Victim Booted for "Misconduct"

    After serving two tours in Iraq - tours filled with killing enemy combatants and watching close friends die - Sgt. Adam Boyle, 27, returned home expecting the Army to take care of him.  Instead, service member advocates and Boyle's mother say his chain of command in the 3rd Psychological Operations Battalion at Fort Bragg, N.C., worked to end his military career at the first sign of weakness.

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