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Today's Adventures

Today we went out again.

We stopped at Flesor's Candy Kitchen for ice cream.  I got a black walnut sundae with hot fudge and hot caramel.  The ice cream was excellent, as was the hot fudge.  They put all the sauce on the bottom, though, and added extra nuts I hadn't asked for.  The caramel congealed into rubbery little blobs, so I'm unlikely to get that again.  But I'd be happy to get more of the ice cream.  I wasn't impressed with the raspberry milkshake that Doug got.  We bought some more candies, too.  So far I have eaten the coconut cluster, which is among the best I have had.  They do make really great, creamy chocolate there.  <3

After that, we went to the Douglas-Hart Nature Center and walked around.  There were dozens of turtles out today!  :D  I also found some trees with small yellowish or pinkish fruit -- sand cherries or beach plums, I think.  The park has added a lot of new features including several outdoor classroom and nature play areas.

I found some painted rocks there.  I've seen these things before, but these are the first I've seen since I started really looking for them, so I picked them up to photograph.

Here are the fronts.  There's a girl, a face, and a rather snazzy black cat.
These are the first three rocks I found, at Douglas-Hart Nature Center on August 13, 2018.

The girl is painted on a purple background.
I found this purple rock painted with a girl at Douglas-Hart Nature Center on August 13, 2018.

The face has pearly brown hair.
I found this rock with a face at Douglas-Hart Nature Center on August 13, 2018.

The black cat is on a turquoise background and decorated with tiny white dots.  This is the best in terms of artwork.
I found this rock with a cat on it at Douglas-Hart Nature Center on August 13, 2018.

Here are back views of the rocks.  The idea is to put the name of your rock painting club on the back so people know where it's from and where they can post pictures of what they find.  These three are all from the Mattoon IL Rocks club.  C-U Painted Rocks is another club just north of here.
Here are back views of the first three rocks I found at Douglas-Hart Nature Center on August 13, 2018.
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