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We went up to Champaign-Urbana today. I handed off poetry to my parents.

We ate supper at Core Life. On the whole, I'm pleased, though it had its ups and downs. I got a small build your own bowl. It looked like three or four times the amount I usually eat, but I actually wound up eating most of it. The purple rice is awesome, very tender and nutty, sort of a pinkish-brown color. It's compelling enough that I just wanted to keep eating it, possibly due to anthocyanins. The plain chicken is also excellent, soft and juicy and flavorful. There wasn't a lot of it -- less than I would've taken at a buffet -- but it was over my threshold required to shut off my appetite, so I didn't feel compelled to pick through and eat ALL of it. My other choices included black beans, corn, shredded carrots, cucumber slices, and shredded cheddar. Altogether quite tasty. There are other things I'd like to try in the future -- definitely the beef, possible the tuna poke. I had been waffling among the purple rice, ancient grains, and quinoa but after trying the rice I'm not sure I'll get around to the others unless they run out of rice. Nobody else has that one, and it's so good.

I was deeply disappointed by the honey-ginger lemonade. All the ingredients in it are things I like; I have enjoyed many versions of such beverages; but they are not well combined here. :( Fortunately I got to try someone else's before filling my cup, and when I sampled the watermelon aqua fresca, that was quite good. I'm still trying to figure out what's actually in that one. It has a very distinctive flavor, but so married that picking out individual notes is difficult. I think cucumber and basil in addition to the watermelon. So that's my standard as long as they have it.

Several people noted that the "warm" items on the menu quickly get cold. It happened to mine too, but in summer, I don't care a lot about that. In cold weather, I'd want hot food. The people who ordered broth bowls, however, were thrilled with the flavor and did not have the same cooling problem. For me, in summer, I rarely want food that's really hot. Warm is fine. Room-temperature is fine. It's the time of year when I sometimes go for cold sandwiches, even. I'm not a salad fan in general. But Core Life's offering of warm(ish) grain as a base makes the concept much more appealing to me. They have quite a few toppers that I like. In cold weather, I might consider their chicken noodle. I'm not a soup fan, really, but as a hot dish to pick chunks out of, it could work.

We stopped in the grocery store for a few items on the way home. I got a dragon fruit. :D I also spotted a washing machine product I haven't seen before: color trapper sheets. You throw one in with things that tend to bleed, and it catches the loose dye. Given my collection of tie-dye, this will be useful if it works.

I saw an original hippie in the store, too. What caught my attention was the hair. She's white and it's quite blond, but it was fully locked. Frizzy on top, but smooth as felt lower down. And it was so long she had KNOTTED it and it still reached her hips. Still individual locks for the first third or so, but the bottom was solid beavertail. I got the distinct impression that she simply hadn't cut her hair in decades. It's the longest dreadlock hairdo I've seen, let alone the best on a white person. Only after that did I notice she was wearing embroidered jeans, too. :D

*chuckle* Then on the way out, I got a compliment for my tie-dye socks, so we stopped to explain where those came from, since they're local to that area.
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