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Email vs Texting - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Email vs Texting
 Apparently most people use email very differently than I do.  I can see why they'd hate it if they only use it for things they hate, such as work.  For me, I love my work.  I don't have local friends, so my friendly relationships exist in email and blogs.  I hate all the short message options, because I hate short messages.  I don't think in soundbites.  The topics I enjoy discussing don't fit in soundbites.  I despise phones.  This is only partly because modern ones tend to break when I touch them, are all but unintelligible, and hurt my ears.  I hated phones before that; it's just worse now.  At least the old landline phones were usable. But email is great.  I can answer it at my convenience.  Discussions fit into it just fine.  I can go back to look at older ones if I need to.

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