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Earthquakes Beget Earthquakes

Here's a report about earthquakes causing new earthquakes on the opposite side of the globe.  Well, that's obvious.  It's like a coup-countercoup injury.  The crust is all one thing, with a bunch of cracks in it.  If you whack one side of it, the force waves will spread out over the globe -- and then converge  as they move toward the far point.  A strong earthquake will generate waves that still have some real oomph, so when they come back together, they can cause trouble.

It would be really interesting to map the concentric expanding-contracting force waves against the equations of linear force spread through the cracks of the global fault system.  The math for that is over my head.  But the geometry isn't.  A lot of other examples show the power of crossing a line over a circle or a sphere.  That's always something to watch for.  And fault lines tend to be fractals, like a river or a tree.  So it has to be calculable; it's made of math.  Possibly math nobody here knows how to read, but still math.  You might not be able to forecast earthquakes in general, but if you could hack that math, I bet it would tell you whether a given quake is strong enough to cause a countercoup quake, and if so, whether the countercoup is severe enough to need a warning.  You'd have hours of warning ... less the time required to crunch the math.
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