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Today's Adventures

We went out shopping today. 

We stopped at Flesor's Candy Kitchen.  They have many kinds of homemade candy, some common things like turtles, but also many that you don't see everywhere.  I got a cashew cluster and an apple pie truffle, both quite good, of which I favor the cashew. There were other things I'd like to try.  They also do lunches and homemade ice cream, which we'd like to explore another time.

I also saw something I don't see very often: a young man with very clear self-injury marks on his left wrist.  No effort at all to hide them, which is not typical; and more females than males are prone to cutting, as males generally prefer to get their consensual pain from rough sports.  But it's not unknown.  I mention it here for my friends who are involved with self-injury.  You are not alone.

The Mattoon Wal-Mart is all torn up for renovations. :/  So we'll have to shop in Charleston for a while, where the selection is less good, but that's better than crawling all over the store trying to find where they put things. 

We got a little rain today.  Actually, we got soaked up in Tuscola going to and from the candy store.  But later on, when we came home, there were puddles around the house.
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