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Today's Adventures

We went to the farmer's market today. I melted down in the heat. Only after this happened did either of us think to check the temperature, which was 93F -- well above what I should go out in. :/ So we didn't get to double back to the food trucks that Doug wanted to hit, or the guy selling parquet turntables. :( Maybe another time. We need to pay more attention to weather and not just jump on the farmer's market during one of the few weekends we can fit it into our schedule.

On the bright side, we got the chocolate tomatoes and other ingredients to make a batch of Wild Tidy Joes. One lady had a great box of seconds in all colors. :D She also had a type of tomato I'd never seen before, with small and red with truly black shoulders. All she could remember of the name was 'indigo" but I'm betting they were Indigo Cherry Drops. I found someone selling miniature garlic bulbs, and when I mentioned only needing a few cloves, he gave me a broken bulb for free because he couldn't sell it. *laugh* I still got it. For most people, that "I'm cute, give me treats" knack stops working in middle school, and I haven't seen anyone else work it past high school.

Then we discovered that the people selling bison are also running pastured pigs -- cute fuzzy little hybrids of some Asian breed. So Doug bought bratwurst and I got a pound of ground pork. I'll mix that with ground beef for a new Sloppy Joe mix. So I doubled back to get more tomatoes for that, along with a purple-and-yellow bell pepper and a few other things. I'm going to put corn niblets in it, too, since our sausage/beef meatloaf recipe uses cornflake crumbs as filler.

I found a cantaloupe by scent. Cantaloupe is one of those things that if it has no smell, will have no flavor. These were $4/each for nice big head-sized melons. Doug pointed out another vendor with smaller ones for half that, and asked me if they were any good. I said no. The vendor grumbled at me. But jeez, they smelled like feet. :P I imagine they were cheaper for a reason. The one we bought has made the entire car redolent of cantaloupe, musky-fruity-floral.

We got some more things in Common Ground and Doug went to the African restaurant in the mall for his lunch. On the way out of the mall, I spotted a bunch of office chairs that all had stickers saying FREE so Doug picked out one to take home. \o/

Next, we stopped at Ashar, the African store. Picked up honey beans and a couple of beverages. We also discovered that they have a version of Red Palm Oil that is actually oil at room temperature, so I'm willing to try that. We got to talking about the bean porridge we make with the honey beans, and the clerk went, "That's how we make it!" I said it was a Nigerian recipe, and explained how we had scouted the shop and then researched African recipes using the new-to-us ingredients. Which is exactly how we discovered the honey beans, red palm oil, and dried shrimp. :D

Finally, we did the regular grocery shopping. So now we've got stuff to tide us over until well after the fishbowl on Tuesday. That's a good thing.

On the way into our driveway, I noticed my naked lady lilies are blooming, have been for a few days. Gorgeous things.

Anyhow, I'm worn out, but it was a successful trip.
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