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Poverty Links - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poverty Links
 This post links to discussions of various types of poverty.

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cat_sanctuary From: cat_sanctuary Date: August 6th, 2018 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Why the 'deplorables' don't buy into things that would help them?" Didn't she just link to an article about how what the Left has to offer *failed to* help the interviewee? That's why.

I used a different reading of "deplorables" in my Tortie Tuesday post...but since I'm still definitely below the poverty line, though not actually starving, I'll say this:

We need to stop thinking in collective terms. There is no actual thing called "poverty" in the real world. There are people who have less money than other people. Anything you want to do to help any of them is best offered to them *by ones,* relative to where they are and where they want/need to be.

People who have less money usually do have other things. For instance, as a penniless widow, I have a home, about half of a formal education, decent clothes, tons of books, and the experience of not always having been poor. Each of those is a major advantage many poor people don't have. None should be overlooked for a moment in the mad dash toward anything that sounds like a collective solution--people who've ever had a home don't want to hear garbage about "housing"!

People used instead to try offering poor people in my part of the world food. Hah. Try a truck to haul *away* our surplus zucchini?

Instead, try asking the person you want to help how s/he can use what s/he has, individually--and WORKING WITH WHAT THE PERSON TELLS YOU.

Yes, bourgeois types *can* do this.


Let go of the hubristic fantasy of "planning."


Release theoretical ideas about "classes" that hark back to halfway around the world and almost two hundred years ago.

It's all right.

Stifle the chattering monkey in your mind, and DO AS YOU ARE TOLD until you begin to get a faint inkling of how far out of touch with the poorer person's reality you've been.

Yes. You can survive this.
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