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Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, January 6

Tuesday's poetry fishbowl had some interesting features. Several prompts came in quickly. The first two stuck together and produced a set of four connected poems about the same setting, a far-future North America flooded up through Nebraska and the Dakotas, inhabited by sentient cockroaches and manta rays. Eventually I did catch up with the rest of the prompts. I started at 12:15 and stopped at 11 PM, so that's about 9 hours with breaks. I wrote 14 poems. There were 42 comments including mine, and 10 people sent prompts. Two of the fishbowl poems have already been posted:

"For Want Of..."
EDIT 1/10/09: Additional poems posted from this fishbowl are:
"The Sugar Sea"
"The Hermit on the Hill"
"The Sound of the Future"
"On Wings of Hope"

This month's donors are: ellenmillion, arielstarshadow, minor_architect, and janetmiles. There will be a poll to select poetry funded by general donations. Thank you very much for your support.

This month someone posted prompts referring to short stories. I did get the fascinating Nebraska poems out of that, but it's a little more time-consuming than is practical for a fishbowl, so I'm not likely to repeat the exercise. It was interesting to see how prompts stuck together, though -- once I had that setting in mind, with its native species, I could look at other prompts and try to imagine how they might attach to the current motifs.
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