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Resources on Multiplicity

 [personal profile] lb_lee shares some links about healthy multiplicity.  I find them applicable in dealing with many other types of relationship or headwork issues.

In particular, "Does It Work?" is the core diagnostic question of empiricism.  I don't give a flying fuck how weird or unpopular something is; if it works better than other models or methods, I will use it.  Similarly, I don't care how popular something is; if it doesn't work for me, I will ditch it and search for something better.  I don't care about other people's opinions of what I should do and what should work; they are frequently wrong.  The only interest they have for me is in illuminating the range of what is possible.  Knowing the available options if good.  Arguing over them, not so much.  Use the engineering design process.  Note that this is risky if you have to deal with people who are neither scientists nor empiricists of other stripes: most people will go berserk if you reject socially mandated parameters and use something that works better.  It's very threatening to rigid worldviews.
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