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Today's Adventures

We went up to the Champaign County Fair today.

For lunch we had a gator po'boy.  I am quite fond of alligator, and this was excellent -- little nuggets fried with spices.  It tastes nothing like chicken to me, but very much like frog, which I also like.  We also had a funnel cake, a shakeup, and later on some deep-fried oreos.

There's not a lot of fair stuff there -- one exhibit barn and some farm animals -- but they did have a petting zoo with camels.  The rides weren't running, but at least all the food vendors were open.

A company that runs escape rooms had set up one, so Doug wanted to try that, and I tagged along.  It was kind of interesting, although not the kind of thing I'd do of my own accord.  I was intrigued to note that it required both visual and logical-mathematical thinking.  That got me wondering if anyone is doing escape rooms based on other types  of intelligence.  Maybe not here, but probably in Terramagne.
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