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Character and Location Notes for "One Moment of Opportunity"

Here are the character and location notes for "One Moment of Opportunity."

Boss Batir (Ulises Landron) -- He has tinted skin, brown eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. A scar cuts through the hairline on the right side of his face. His heritage is Hispanic and American. He supervises a lucrative drugrunning business in Lincoln, Nebraska. He tends to exert control through harsh punishments.
Origin: When Ulises was a boy, his father used to beat him a lot. One day the man threw Ulises against the wall and cracked his skull. Nobody realized it at the time, but that caused the boy to develop superpowers. The next time his father lashed out, Ulises struck back and killed him without really meaning to. But not exactly NOT meaning to either.
Uniform: Street clothes. He favors blue-collar work clothes in dark colors.
Qualities: Master (+6) Gangster, Expert (+4) Tough, Good (+2) Disciplinarian
Poor (-2) Violent Temper
Powers: Expert (+2) Control Force
Motivation: To be in control.

English words for the Spanish word batir
beat, beat up, break, churn, cream, flap, hammer, mill, pound, whip up, whir, whirr, whisk up

[Character by Dialecticdreamer]
Wade Clarent -- He has tinted skin, brown eyes, and nappy black hair worn in zig-zag cornrows.

(First appearance in “A Smooth Discussion”
https://dialecticdreamer.dreamwidth.org/187818.html )

Appearance: only noted that he's several inches taller than Doctor G, which puts him roughly 6'1” tall. Other details could be anything.

Background: Wade is twenty-six, but has rapidly become a 'steady' in the prison where he was sent four years ago for grand theft auto. He was tossed out of his home in the Chicago area when he was fifteen, caught messing around with another teen...boy. His run of couch-surfing put him, almost accidentally, in a position to help his hosting family evade an eviction notice, and commit his first felony.

A year later, he had found a gang that did not discriminate based on his orientation (pansexual, but his current romantic partner is male, making him appear homosexual), and began adding other skills to his repertoire. Busted a few weeks after his twenty-first birthday, the legal process took over a year to get from arraignment to sentencing, which led to accusations that the court was trying to prolong the pre-trial process to guarantee that the trial would be highly public during the local elections. In actual fact, his pre-existing and rather long history of kleptomania was causing a great deal of concern among the prosecutors on the case, and led to a plea deal.

Good (+2) Impersonator (approaches the level of Vocal Mimic, not quite at superpower level). This quality will be Expert (+4) by the time he's thirty. Good (+2) Bookworm, Good (+2) Easygoing Good, (+2) Pansexual, Good (+2) Sleight of Hand, Good (+2) Soap Carving
Poor (-2) Mild Kleptomania

Wade was under treatment for kleptomania in prison, but with Warden Daley in charge, visits were too widely spaced and too constrained by inane restrictions to be fully effective. Guard Lincoln, among others, took action early on, and worked out a compromise with Sanquez and Kincaid that allowed Wade's soap carvings to be used as reparations for his “un-resisted urges to acquire items,” which did tend to limit Wade to no more than he could carve in a period of two weeks, since Daley limited the prisoners' access to the commissary to once every two weeks. (Hula girls and sports cars were popular from whole bars of soap, and Wade carefully saved the scraps to craft soap roses, petal by petal.)

Wade's boyfriend Miquon is a frequent visitor, and started ordering gifts through Wade's commissary account -mostly foods that Wade had wondered about, but not tried, but Daley's idiotic restrictions made that less popular than ordering graphic novels through a bookstore with a shipping service. Wade has kept all but two of those, carefully mailing them back to Miquon when he finished reading them. (The two books he lost were reparations for pickpocketing a personal item that got damaged— a story hook just because neither of us are done with the guys from prison.)

When Wade and Graham Finn met, Wade had as little as six months left on his sentence, or as much as eleven, since most GTA felony sentences are 3-4 years WITH prior felony convictions.

Grant Randolph -- He has sorrel skin, black eyes, and short black hair with nap so fine it seems almost solid. He is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant and Jule. Currently Grant is in the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln for gang violence. He is taking advantage of opportunities to improve himself and is keenly interested in the Way Back Program, working his way through the steps that lead to peer counseling. He looks up to Simon as a mentor.
Qualities: Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Rapport, Good (+2) Strong, Good (+2) Taking Opportunities
Poor (-2) Ghetto Background

Dasante Scott -- He has milk chocolate skin, brown eyes, and nappy black hair buzzed almost down to the skin. His heritage includes African, American, and Scottish. As a teenager, he worked odd jobs. Dasante earned a scholarship to become a Nurse Practitioner, and currently works at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln. His quick thinking and knack for connecting people with opportunities have made him adept at filling in whatever needs to be done.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Connecting People, Good (+2) Jack of All Trades, Good (+2) Prison Nurse, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Light Sleeper

Hanh Espinoza -- He has tinted skin, black eyes, and short curly hair of dark brown. His mother is Vietnamese and his father is Mexican, so Hanh is mixed-race and first-generation American. He speaks English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. He loves ethnic fusion, especially in cooking.
Currently Hanh works at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, gaining experience and earning money to put himself through school. He is a Licensed Practical Nurse with the rather thoughtful plan of taking a cheap basic degree and then beefing it up by earning certification in multiple specialties. He recently completed a three-month paramedic course and has just signed up for one on addiction care. Between work and school, he has little time for socializing. He gets most of his contact with coworkers and classmates, and has no romantic aspirations at this time.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Compassion, Good (+2) Ethnic Fusion, Good (+2) Prison Nurse, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Work-Life Balance

Terramagne-America is quite serious about putting the bottom rungs on the ladder, so many programs are designed to offer basic training first which can be built up in various ways. Licensed Practical Nurse is a basic level of nursing. For local examples of specialized training, take a look at EMT and paramedic training, accelerated paramedic training, substance abuse nurse training, an addictions nursing mission statement, home care, and disability courses.

* * *

This is a small padded gym at the prison. These can be used by individuals or small groups. They are used for activities that require extra protection, such as tumbling practice or self-defense.

The small group meeting room is suitable up to about ten or twelve people. It is reasonably comfortable without being luxurious. It's also used as spillover for smaller meetings if the other rooms are full or people want a good-sized table. This room is used most often by standard wing inmates, although it's accessible to private wing inmates, just not cheap.

Here is the infirmary entrance which leads into the clinic room. This room makes it possible to treat several people at the same time, useful in cases of a large accident or outbreak of illness. The private exam room has a desk, sink, rolling chair, and exam bed.
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