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Demifiction: "Community Kitchen Bread Commercial"

Here is another freebie from the Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics, for meeting the $500 goal.

The television in Terramagne-America is so good that their commercials are better than most of our shows. I shit you not, if a character walks past a TV that is turned on, I look to see what's on the screen, and I will stop to watch a commercial. Which is how I came to write down a few of the best ones.

"Community Kitchen Bread Commercial"

We love bread! If you love bread too, join us at the Coexist Community Kitchen. We have plenty of space for classes, gatherings, and other activities centered around food, fun, and friendship. Check out our offerings for the next month ...

Bread Baking for Community
Come to the community kitchen to bake Easy Yeast Bread in any variation (white, whole wheat, cinnamon, etc.) that you like. We will chatter while we work and have a great time! Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.

Bread Baking for Physical Therapy
Making bread provides wonderful stimulation for hands and arms. Choose from Yeast Cornbread, Easy Potato Bread, Gluten-Free Bread, or Greek Flatbread for a gentle kneading experience. This session is recommended for people with mental or physical limitations, including recovery from hand and arm injuries. Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.

Bread Baking for Dexterity
Use baking to improve your manual dexterity! We will be making some exciting stuff such as Hand-Tossed Pizza Dough, Heavenly Challah Braids, Panda Bread, Shaped Rolls, and other specialty breads. This class is for intermediate to advanced bakers.

Bread Baking for Exercise
Do you feel like exercise is a waste of your time? Kneading brings out the gluten in bread dough, and it also gives you a nice upper-body workout. We have bicycle chairs if you want to add lower-body action. Choose from Crescia Bread, Alaskan Oatmeal Bread, Soft Asian Milk Bread, Chocolate Brioche, or Breadsticks for a Crowd. Some of these recipes produce stiff dough, while others take a long time to knead. You'll get a fun workout and a tasty loaf to take home! Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.

Meditative Bread
Have you tried meditation only to get bored or fall asleep? Try a moving meditation instead! For this session, we'll be using smooth dough with a lengthy kneading time so you can really get in the zone. Choose from Homemade Sourdough Bread, Ital Bread, Malt Bread, or Tender Dinner Rolls. Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.

Dough See Dough
This class demonstrates how to make a basic loaf of white or whole-wheat bread. It is taught primarily with motions. You don't need to be verbal or speak much English in order to enjoy this class. It's a great choice for people who are Deaf, touch-dominant, neurovariant, or English language learners. No experience needed.

The Womanly Art of Baking Bread
Throughout much of the past, women have ruled the kitchen and made the daily bread. Come explore the history of women and dough while making your choice of several recipes using our Easy Yeast Bread. We will talk about what it means to be a woman and a bread maker while we work, with attention to providing as a feminine skill. Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.
* Although this class focuses on women's history and virtues traditionally associated with women, it is open to people of any sex/gender.

The Manly Art of Baking Bread
In some times and places, men have become bakers and contributed to the wonders of bread. Come learn about the history of men and dough while making your choice of several recipes using our Easy Yeast Bread. We will explore what it means to be a man and a baker while we work, with attention to nurturing as a masculine skill. Prior baking experience is helpful but not required.
* Although this class focuses on men's history and virtues traditionally associated with men, it is open to people of any sex/gender.

Sankofa Kitchen
Learn about cultures around the world with Sankofa Kitchen! This month we will be making Injera, Limpa, Kashmiri Naan, and Ghana Sugar Bread Rolls. No experience needed.

Don't those sound delicious? Sign up at the Coexist Community Kitchen and taste for yourself! It's time to bring out the baker in you.

* * *


Hanson Hall in Omaha, Nebraska is a five-storey multipurpose building with a bohemian flair. It has public space for retail, events, meetings, arts and crafts, and physical activities. The Holistic Health Center includes a small community clinic along with many rooms rented to providers such as counselors and massage therapists. Studio space includes artist studios, private offices, and open office areas.

1st Floor: the Main Lobby, the Canteen, Buddy Christ Church and Bong Shop, Fuck Yeah Loaves and Fishes, the Gallery, Global Hope Gift Shop, Ella's Arts and Crafts Emporium, the Performance Corner and Brown Lounge, Primp & Pamper Beauty Salon and Bodycare Shop, Omaha Wheels

2nd Floor: Wunderbar (above the Canteen), Blue Lounge, Holistic Health Center with reception, exam rooms, procedure room, bodywork rooms (for massage, shiatsu, etc.), counseling rooms (for sand tray therapy, individual, child, couples, family, and group therapy), private offices, shared offices, open office areas, computer rooms, breakroom

3rd Floor: event space (above the Canteen and Wunderbar), Coexist Community Kitchen (above the Canteen and Wunderbar, adjacent to the event space), dining room (above the Canteen and Wunderbar, adjacent to the event space and the kitchen), Reading Room (above the Canteen and Wunderbar), Community Arts Space (above the Canteen and Wunderbar), Open Studio, Nude Studio, Anatomy Studio, Sculpture Studio, Nebraska Spinsters with Sewing Room, Junior Room, Fabric Room, Fibercraft Room, Loom Room, Yarn Room, theatre, artist studios, the Crash Pad, Rainbow Lounge

4th Floor: Dance Studio 1 Charles Weidman, Dance Studio 2 Fred Astaire, Lotus Room, private workout rooms, Parents Lounge with Sitting Area, Resources Wall, Music Corner, Family Lounge, Youth Area with Messy Play Room, Sensory Room, Padded Play Gym, Wild Rumpus Room, Max's Nap Room

5th Floor: conference space (above Canteen, Wunderbar, and event space), meeting room, Milderness Room (above Canteen, Wunderbar, and event space), Freedom Room, Meditation Room, Cloud Room, Peace Room, Little Villagers Meeting Room, Quiet Room (adjacent to Peace Room), Yellow Lounge (adjacent to Quiet Room)

See the exterior of Hanson Hall. Look down into the courtyard and you can see the first floor windows. The Breakdancing Jesus mural overlooks the sliding glass doors that lead to the Buddy Christ Church and Bong Shop. Here is the main lobby.

Check out the floor plan for the Coexist Community Kitchen. The front includes an island. The back has a workstation with adjustable height. This space hosts many kitchen classes for all skill levels and a wide variety of foods.

* * *

Bread comes in many kinds. It has a long history.

Kneading dough is an essential skill for baking most types of bread. Know how to tell when it's done. Kneading gluten-free dough requires a different approach.
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