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Today's Adventures

We went up to visit my parents today.  We stopped at Captain Jack's, a favorite antique store.  In the process we discovered that he's doing well enough to have rented the entire other side of the strip mall to use as a consignment store.  There's some pretty good stuff over there; if Captain Jack has the top 10% of an ordinary antique store, across the parking lot is the next 20%.  :D  Like said today: Every other antique store I've seen has been run by crows.  They see something shiny and they grab it.  Captain Jack is a pirate: take the tobacco, the sugar, and the rum and leave everything else.

We also discovered a couple of new restaurants to try.  Blaze is a gourmet pizza place.  They have a white pizza I want to sample, among other promising options.  CoreLife is a healthy food place -- I haven't tested the quality yet, but the construction is very Terramagne.  Most of their offerings are bowls.  Green bowls are salads.  Grain bowls can have various things added on top.  Broth bowls are made with either bone broth or vegetable broth with stuff in it.  They have a few plates too.  I am intrigued by the quinoa and the purple rice.  Also they have something called poke (poh-KAY) tuna from Hawaii, which is chunks of raw tuna on top of whatever.  I love tuna sushi, so that's a thought. 
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