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2020 Presidential Candidate: Andrew Yang

While doing research tonight, I stumbled across this guy.  Andrew Yang is a Democrat candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. He has a CLUE.  He's one of the few people other than myself to realize the scope of economic change underway.  Not only does he advocate Universal Basic Income, he takes it a step farther than my idea of raising corporate taxes back where they belong: fund it with a tax specifically on industries that are shifting the most to automation.  This degree of precision impresses me.  He also proposes Digital Social Credits.  That's almost identical to the aura, Terramagne-Europe's currency created by prosocial activities.  Check out the rest of his stances on major issues.  Compare that list to Bluehill, if you like.  Now, I don't agree with all of those; we have some serious divergences.  But this guy is much closer to my ideals than anyone else I've seen taking the field thus far.  Clearly he has a brain, which means if he fucks up, he's likely to notice that and try something else.

If you are displeased with the outrageous embarrassment in the Oval Office, here's something you can DO about it: every time that bombastic human turd does something that offends human decency, fold your vote in half and send it to someone who is not an ignoramus.  You're not powerless.  This is America; money talks.  Even $5 is better than nothing.  If you can band together with like-minded friends and bundle your offerings, so much the better.  Register to vote if you are eligible.  Browse the range of political parties. Research the candidates for President in 2020; check your local and state opportunities for the midterms.

If you're in some other country and want NOT to have a repetition of this last fiasco, there are things you can do too.  Research the candidates and talk up the ones you admire.  This may help your American readers find out about them.  Research political issues and problems of interest to you and support worthy causes.  Frex, if you get people behind the idea of Universal Basic Income, then that will help candidates who favor it.

Work the problem.
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