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The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Demifiction: "Anti-Soup Agitators Open the Sealed Evil in a Can"
The June half-price sale in Polychrome Heroics made its $200 goal, so this is your perk for that.

"Anti-Soup Agitators Open the Sealed Evil in a Can"

Sunday, September 28, 2014
by Jessica Kane

In recent years, Rapid City has become less and less hospitable to people with superpowers. As a result, most have moved out of the area. This has left a number of facilities empty, some of them formerly home to illicit activities and currently containing hazardous materials.

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, anti-soup agitators descended upon a building previously used for storage by supervillains. In the process of stealing or destroying -- reports vary -- but in any case disturbing the contents, the agitators managed to open a container which held some kind of negative entity. The resulting explosion and thunderstorm destroyed the building and damaged other properties in the area. Exact identities have yet to be verified, as the agitators are presumed dead or possessed, and their conspirators arrested for trespassing have refused to give names. However, distant witnesses report seeing questionable activity by several known agitators outside the building shortly before its destruction. Early estimation of financial costs predicts up to half a tanner from property damage alone, while the human toll is indeterminate at this time.

Local officials report that the hazard was evidently contained in a secure manner prior to its release. The lid was clearly marked DANGER-EVIL. Multiple warning symbols surrounded the text including the inward arrows of Native American lore, the dotted rectangle of hobo sign, and the crossed triangle for brimstone from alchemy.

Citizens are reminded that possible evidence of crimes should be reported to the police, suspected zetetic hazards should be reported to SPAZMAT, and under no circumstances should anyone open anything marked "evil" in any way. Stay safe, Rapid City!

* * *


If you find the Sealed Evil in a Can, then Don't Touch It, You Idiot!

"Anti-Soup Agitators Open the Sealed Evil in a Can" involves the destruction of a warehouse. Prices for a warehouse in South Dakota commonly run between $1-5 million, and one tanner is $10 million, so that's up to half a tanner for property damage alone. Plus whatever else goes wrong as somebody somewhere has to deal with the unsealed evil.

Native American symbols include two arrows pointing together to ward off evil spirits (low on the right column).

Hobo signs include a rectangle with a dot in the center for danger (first on the left).

Alchemical symbols include a triangle with a cross underneath it as one emblem for sulphur / brimstone (second from the left in the top row).

Explore a comparison of symbols and their development from concrete to abstract.

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