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Content Notes for "There I See the Kraken Rising"

Here are the content notes for "There I See the Kraken Rising."

“When I look down into the abyss,
Down into the merciless blackness,
Colder and deeper than Hades itself,
There I see the Kraken rising.”
Greig Beck, Kraken Rising

See Khadijah's green dress.

Telepresence robots, or meetbots, come in various models. Explore some of the best. Compare how they look.

The President's favorite model is self-mobile with a sophisticated steering system that can run on automatic or manual guidance. It has a camera, speakers, and a large screen with adjustable height. Some of the Japanese models are still awkward. Kraken has masculine and feminine meetbots.

The Ministry of Home Affairs includes the Maldives Customs Service and the Office of Refugee Services.

In local-Earth, just a few companies own almost everything. See connections within the media field and across fields. Kraken's reach looks a lot like the latter. Ironically, a supervillain organization is quite a lot less evil than the nutjob CEOs here.

Micronesia and Melanesia belong to Oceania, a vast sprawl of islands. See a map of the regions.

Thaas is a Maldivian card game.

Some separatists are whackos. The Taliban is so obnoxious that even most supervillains don't want to deal with them. Al-Shabaab is not much better.

Tibet is a lot saner, partly because it was a country before being overrun by a larger and less ethical one. Read about the movement to free Tibet.

Native American tribes are all sovereign nations. The U.S. government just tends to step on them. The Lakota people have organized the Republic of Lakotah, a self-proclaimed unrecognized state. The Navajo Nation has described steps for tribes to approach the United Nations for recognition. Basically, it's not about whether you are a nation; it's about whether other nations respect you. It's very hard to break in by yourself. But if you form a coalition with other under-represented nations, that's a lot harder to ignore.

Micronations include places like Liberland and Sealand. In Terramagne, a variety of island nations along with island regions such as Oceania vehemently dispute the disqualification of artificial islands, calling it geocentric. Some of these nations, such as the Maldives, have very low height above sea level and are counting on artificial structures in their fight against the rising waters. They fear that if climate change submerges their natural land, other nations will try to revoke their right of sovereignty.

Somaliland is another unrecognized state.

"The Call of Cthulhu" belongs to the Cthulhu Mythos.

April, 1917 -- H.P. Lovecraft wanted to join the Coast Guard, but nearly drowned during an open-water swim test. He emerged hysterical, insisting that something had touched his mind and shoved him toward the surface. Because of this and his poor physical scores, the Coast Guard rejected him. Lovecraft went on to write a wide range of horror stories, many of them featuring mysterious monsters associated with the ocean.
(L-America) In April 1917, Lovecraft tried to join the National Guard but did not pass the physical examination.

The Bismillâh is an invocation used to open events or other activities.
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