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Location Notes for "There I See the Kraken Rising"

Here are the location notes for "There I See the Kraken Rising."

This map of the Indian Ocean shows the Republic of the Maldives in relation to Somalia, India, and Sri Lanka.

Local-Earth provides little detail about the exact national boundaries for the Republic of the Maldives. However, it is generally shown as a large rectangle enclosing the atolls, the shallow water around them, and some deep water between and to the sides of the atolls. For the purposes of T-Maldivian borders, this administrative map provides an approximation, although there is more space to the north and south than shown. After President Latheef grants diplomatic recognition to Kraken, he also gives them a rectangle of ocean territory for their own which spans parts of the Laamu, Gaaf Alif, and Ghaaf Daal administrative regions, appearing in the blank area of the map to the left of those atolls. As the Maldives is a highly active member of the United Nations, its recognition of Kraken causes quite a stir.

This is the President's Office building in Malé. The Parliament Room has a long, hollow table with plants down the middle. The Red Room and the Green Room are used for various presentations, so they can be set up in different ways. The Board Room has a long, solid table with a large viewscreen on the wall at the far end. The Sitting Room features luxurious couches and other furniture. The ablution room is near the prayer room. Alongside the public restrooms, the dottie includes a shower for ghusl. The prayer room has a carpet marking individual spaces for praying. The quiet room includes lamps, couches, a coffee table, and beach-themed fidgets.

The Jules Verne is a library ship that also has a small hospital. Such vessels are designed to serve island chains or coasts with minimal development where the ship may be the main link to certain civilized services. See a deck plan. The bridge deck includes the bridge, office, crew lounge, and captain's table. The 500 level is crew quarters with the captain in red, officers in blue, and others in green. The teleport lounge is across from the captain's quarters. The green and purple rooms on the 400 deck hold special collections. The bar, quiet room, lounge / library, and hospital are also on the 400 deck. The yellow and orange rooms on the 300 level are guest quarters. The galley and two large dining rooms, gym, quiet room, and movie theater are on 300 deck too. The 200 level holds the lecture room, sauna, and laundry.

The bridge has wraparound windows. The office is just behind the bridge. The crew lounge is located across from the office, and leads into the formal dining room with the captain's table.

On the 500 level, the captain's quarters include a bedroom with king-size bed, an office with desk and chair, and an ensuite bathroom with enclosed shower-bathtub. Each of the two officer cabins has a full-size bed with desk and chair, plus an ensuite with a shower stall. Each of the four crew cabins has three twin-size bunks and one desk with a chair. The teleport lounge is across from the captain's quarters. It includes a pit group, a table and chairs, built-in bookcases, and a teleport pad. The bathroom for the teleport lounge has a walk-in shower, and serves the crew who don't have a private bathroom.

On the 400 level, the front of the hospital holds the waiting room and the exam room. Next come the doctor's office and the counseling room. The procedure room and pharmacy are stocked with advanced tools and supplies. Patient rooms are in the back of the hospital. The main lounge / library is lined with bookcases. This special collection has a long table in the middle of the room. The bar includes built-in barstools. The quiet room is the unmarked space adjacent to the bar and the main library / lounge.

On the 300 level, the galley lies between the two dining rooms. There are two single guest cabins, marked in orange. The other cabins are doubles, marked in yellow. Each guest cabin has its own ensuite with a shower stall. The gym is located on the 300 Level toward the top left of the deck plan, in the wide rectangle just beyond the narrow rectangle to the left of Room 309. The quiet room is Room 333, not numbered on the deck plan, to the left of Room 332 at the bottom. The movie theater is Room 336, not numbered on the deck plan, at the left end of the bottom row.

On the 200 level, the lecture theatre has a large screen and many rows of built-in chairs. The sauna doubles as a walk-in shower and includes a bathroom beyond it. The laundry room features four washer/dryer sets, a sink, counter space, a wall phone, and a small viewscreen.
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