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Notes for "The Friend in My Adversity"

These are the notes for "The Friend in My Adversity."

Carlito Vivas -- He has fair skin, black eyes, and short straight black hair. He is Hispanic-American. His native languages are English and Spanish; he speaks Esperanto and Chinese fluently; he is learning Tagalog and French. He is currently 18 years old. Carlito works as a delivery boy for Captain Kelvin, who rescued him from a bad foster placement in junior high.
Origin: Carlito's mother Maricruz worked hard to get a scholarship to a prestigious physics program in college. During her time there, a big experiment in quantum entanglement went wrong and exposed the building to cosmic energies. When Maricruz got sick, she thought it was due to the accident, but she turned out to be pregnant by her boyfriend. Family pressure made them keep the baby, grudgingly, but she never really liked Carlito. When he started flickering in grade school, she dumped him on Family Services, moved to Florida, and never looked back.
Uniform: On duty, Carlito wears a beige delivery uniform with cap. He has a red motherboard pendant from Captain Kelvin. Off duty, he wears teen fashions, often the plaid flannels and loud t-shirts favored by Hispanic youth.
Qualities: Good (+2) Delivery Boy, Good (+2) Loyal, Good (+2) Skateboarding, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Poor (-2) Family Background
Powers: Good (+2) Phase, Good (+2) Teleportation
Motivation: To make Captain Kelvin proud of him.

* * *

“The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.”
– Ulysses S. Grant

Executive Rest is a Terramagne-American hotel chain that caters to the business market. They rent single rooms and suites, usually for multiple nights, and the weeknights cost more than the weekends. It's an affordable place to stay if you need more than one night, especially if you want household amenities. Single rooms have a kitchenette and suites have a full kitchen, complete with utensils. In Mercedes, Executive Rest gets a discount on local property taxes in exchange for allowing the town to put distressed residents there, for example after a house fire.

The amenities floor has a reception desk, great room, entertainment lounge, boardroom, screening rooms, dotties, green rooms, sound studio with drums, sound studio with keyboards, media room, and golf simulator. The small gray rectangle near the boardroom is a quiet room. The athletic wing has locker rooms, a swimming pool, fitness center, squash courts, yoga studio, and aerobics room.

This is the suite where Joshua stays with his kids. It has three bedrooms, plus a queen-size hide-a-bed couch in the living room and a full-size one in the sitting room. There are two full bathrooms, a full kitchen, a dinette, and a laundry closet. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. The children's bedroom can have a crib added. Griffin has the other bedroom. This is the balcony.

Breakfast recipes feature yogurt bowls and breakfast casserole. Executive Rest lays out a breakfast spread including healthier donuts such as Baked Apple Cider Protein Donuts, Whole-Grain Strawberry Donuts, Double Chocolate Glazed Donuts, and Coconut-Vanilla Donuts. Terramagne also makes much wider use of natural coloring and flavoring ingredients such as freeze-dried fruit powders. You can make edible fingerpaints from yogurt and fruit.

Migraines and superpowered headaches often leave a kind of hangover called "postdrome," which benefits from aftercare. Joshua uses his general family experience and first aid training to extrapolate how to take care of someone with migraines. Notice that Pips is using language more suited to a preschooler than a toddler in explaining the situation to Cove. Despite Cove's limited language, he's precocious in his protective and compassionate development, and he can understand more than a typical toddler would.

Chocolate has many qualities that can alleviate headaches for some people. For other folks, it may be a trigger. Especially with migraines and similar headache conditions, each person is unique and must figure out their own pattern of what helps or makes it worse. T-America has sources of clinical-grade chocolate. Locally, look for high-quality organic chocolate such as NibMor.

Essential oils can relieve migraines and relax jangled nerves. Pips likes this roller-ball blend of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Among the soothing products for migraines is a neck-and-shoulder wrap which can be heated in the microwave. This one is stuffed with flaxseed and wheat plus herbs including lavender, valerian root, white willow, chamomile, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, hops, yellow dock, lemon grass, cinnamon, and yarrow.

Babies need to learn diverse tastes relatively early. This encourages them to enjoy a wide range of foods later. Breast milk naturally changes with the mother's diet. For bottle-fed babies, you can provide a similar experience putting just a dab of food on their lip. At first, they'll just lick it and make various faces. When they start showing more interest in it and actively looking for more, that's a sign they're ready to start eating baby cereal.

Orientation and mobility is an important set of skills for blind people. They can learn to use their other senses to navigate indoors and outdoors. Pips has an incredible amount of grace and confidence in this because he practiced diligently as a boy. When his superpowers first manifested, it hurt too much to use his eyes, so he was functionally blind for a while. He learned these and other skills in pursuit of his independence, and keeps them up for the few days a year when the problem flares up -- or when he needs to move in the dark. However, Pips is still vulnerable to out-of-place items. Housekeeping for the blind requires extra attention to making the space safe.

Welsh Black Currant Cookies use black currants, which have many benefits. You can buy them online if you can't find any locally. As the recipe says, don't bother trying to make them without lard.

Happy Hearts Television is a nonprofit company in T-America started by a therapist on community content, which grew into a whole media group of its own. They get substantial donations from mental and physical health care providers who want to have completely safe, soothing stuff to play in their offices or waiting rooms.
The original Cottoncandy Channel, now called Cottoncandy Classic, runs an assortment of upbeat and family-friendly programs. Most of that is fiction, but it's a mix of movies, television series, and cartoons.
Graceful Nature airs documentaries and mood pieces about plants, animals, environments, gardening, and landscaping. They focus primarily on herbivores, beneficial insects, pretty flowers, majestic views, and other harmless content rather than exciting predator chases. They get a lot of their material from film students who want to go into nature shows.

This is the Irish river video.
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