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Location Notes for "A Way to Make Right"

Here are the location notes for "A Way to Make Right." They cover the Dr. Mary Fulstone Visionary Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Reservation Clinic for Lost Notch.

In T-American terms, a visionary hospital is one that focuses on innovation. Many of the ones that treat people with superpowers are in this category. See a site plan for the Dr. Mary Fulstone Visionary Hospital. There is a sauna in each of the locker rooms on the main floor. There are two floors of patient rooms above the main floor of the hospital; the second floor is decorated in green and the third floor in brown to help distinguish them. The small square room above the quiet room is the nap room. The square room diagonal from that is the interfaith chapel.

The plaza offers an area for farmers markets, yoga, and similar community activities. Its edge provides parking for food trucks, bookmobiles, and other traveling services. Outdoor space offers other places for people to wait. The roof garden creates a calm, quiet environment. The pediatric department has a safe play area with outside views. The feature stair promotes activity and connects indoor/outdoor spaces. Transitional space around the stairs enhances privacy.

A round reception desk gives staff a good view of the circulation areas.

The waiting room offers comfortable space for conversations, information sharing, working on projects, resting, or relaxing. It includes free WiFi and connections for electronic equipment. This part of the waiting room has desks for adults and children.

Each exam room is equipped with multimedia resources including computers, viewscreens, projectors, and whiteboards to facilitate communication between doctors and clients. The adjustable exam chair has two main controls, one for overall height above the floor, and one for raising/lowering the back. The chair can basically convert to an exam bed. It also has wheels and a pushbar so that it can function as a wheelchair.

The staff lounge offers colorful chairs and tables for people to relax, along with a full kitchen and a modern fireplace.

The changing area for each side connects with the shower room and toilets.

Although there is no dottie adjacent to the staff locker rooms, there are numerous dotties scattered around other departments for employees and visitors to use. These typically include a toilet, sink, and shower with seat and heat lamps.

There is a sauna in each of the locker rooms on the first floor, with a slider sign for privacy. Sauna accessories include bathrobes, slippers, wrap towels, natural bath towels, flat-woven bath towels, sauna pillows, and sauna seat covers.

The recovery area is an open ward with privacy curtains that can enclose each bed.

The first floor quiet room includes easy chairs and and a reef aquarium.

The rehabilitation room offers many different areas and tools for recovery exercises.

A large institutional kitchen provides food for staff and clients. The food service area offers racks of fresh fruit and cases of pre-packaged items along with buffet lines. The dining room provides space for employees and visitors to eat together.

On the second floor, the nurses station lies at an intersection of hallways.

Patient bedrooms include views of nature, healing art, viewscreens, a large comfortabe bed with adjustable controls, a therapeutic chair, a table and chairs for guests, and a large couch that converts into a bed for a relative or caregiver to spend the night. The couch beds also factor into the hospital's surge plan, allowing them to convert single rooms to doubles during an emergency. Each patient room has a private bathroom with a sink, toilet, and accessible shower with seat.

The quiet rooms all have a privacy field for peace and relaxation. This one on the second floor is decorated in green.

The nap room has several single beds for staff or visitors, along with a private bathroom.

The quiet room on the third floor is done in brown with a Native American theme.

This nap room is decorated in soft shades of tan, and has a matching bathroom.

For the mental wing, see the first floor plan, second floor plan, and third floor plan. This is the concept plan showing the layers. The cross-section shows the cutaway view, and here's the longitudinal section.

The Reservation Clinic in Lost Notch, Nevada is a modular building. The way this floor plan is set up has the waiting room on bottom right, reception in the middle right, public toilet in the upper right, nurse station in the upper middle, private toilet on the upper left, exam room in the middle left, and consultation room/doctor's office in the lower left. This is smaller than average even for a reservation clinic, but Lost Notch gets the least and the last of everything.
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