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Protect Colorado Wilderness

This call to action comes from the Wilderness Society:

Protect western Colorado's spectacular landscapes. Now!

January 5, 2009

If you could take one simple action that could protect some of
Colorado's amazing landscapes from the scars of development,
wouldn't you take it?

Well, here's your chance:

The resource management plan for 1.2 million acres of land in
the spectacular Colorado Plateau region is up for review by the
U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

These unique lands are targeted for increased uranium mining and
oil and natural gas exploration. The new BLM management plan
will impact them for decades to come. The good news is the BLM
is asking for your voice in the shaping of this plan.

Your voice, right now, is extremely important to ensure these
western Colorado lands are protected from industrial
exploitation as the region feels the pressures of rapidly
increasing oil and gas development, mining, and off-road vehicle

Riddled with shale hills and rocky sandstone gorges, the wild
lands of western Colorado represent a masterpiece of erosion,
weathering and wildness. From the towering Book Cliffs spanning
the northern skyline of Grand Junction to the labyrinthine
redrock canyons of the imposing Uncompahgre Plateau to the
hidden natural arches and jumbo-jet sized alcoves that grace the
area's rugged canyons, all of these lands deserve protection.

Click here to tell the BLM to manage western Colorado lands with
wilderness, wildlife, quiet recreation and paleontological
protection in mind:

But, you must weigh in before Jan. 9!

Best Wishes,

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society
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