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2009 Rhysling Award Eligible Poems

The Rhysling Award recognizes excellence in speculative poetry. Members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association may nominate poems, one each in the short (1-49 lines) and long (50+ lines) categories. (If you are not yet a member, you can still join and get in on this year's Rhysling activity.) Later, members receive a copy of the award anthology with most of the nominated poems reprinted, so they can vote on the best poems.

The following poems of mine are eligible for the 2009 Rhysling Award:

“A String of Beads” published in EMG-zine November 2008 11/1/08

“A Door into Summer” published in Abandoned Towers #1 11/1/08

“Artifacts of Intelligent Design” won 2nd Place in 2008 SFPA Poetry Contest 9/26/08, published on SFPA website

“Everybody Knows”
“The Wild Hunt”
“The Song of Two Mothers”
“Circling the Grain”
“Passing Shadows”
all published in Doorways #6 Summer/Fall 2008

“the leaf whisperer” published in Doorways #5 Winter/Spring

“The Outcast’s Curse” published in Sorcerous Signals August-October 2008 8/1/08

“If It Weren’t For Her” published in Flashing Swords #11 7/25/08

“Elegy for a Chaos Mage” published in The Lorelei Signal July-September 2008

“Dancing with Stones” published in Strange Horizons June 16, 2008 issue

“To Keep the Wolves at Bay” published in Flashing Swords #10

“Ride Away” published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #34

“With Every Fine and Subtle Sense Perceive” published in Sybil’s Garage #5

“bête noire” published in New Voices in Horror Magazine

“An Eyrieman Foresees His Death” published in Flashing Swords #9

Of these, my favorites include "Artifacts of Intelligent Design," "A String of Beads," and "An Eyrieman Foresees His Death."
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