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Nigerian Beans and Corn Porridge

We tried making adalu tonight, which is Nigerian porridge of honey beans and corn.  It hit some snags.  We didn't have as much corn as needed, so we made up the difference with mixed vegetables.  That worked fine.  The beans took about twice as long to make as the recipe said.  >_<  But in the end, the result was quite tasty.  There is no sugar added in the recipe, but the honey beans really do have a definite sweet note, kind of smokey.  These would make epic barbecue baked beans.  :D  The next time we make this recipe, we will try it in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker. 

By the time we're done tinkering, it will probably be a different recipe.  The only spice was pepper, plus the dried shrimp and the Maggie cube.  I may try adding an African spice blend instead.
Tags: ethnic studies, food, personal, recipe
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