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Robots and Gender

Here is a valid critique of robot fiction showing that feminine robots are expected to fall in love with a human man in order to be considered a person. 

I don't write robots that way.  But then, I don't write humans that way, either.  The Origami Mage and Path of the Paladins are two series with female leads not interested in romance.

An Army of One has AYES, most of them starships, most neuter, and I don't think any of them are in love yet.  There is one who prefers feminine presentation.

Clay of Life features golems, a different form of artificial life.  Yossele is masculine.  There's a female golem who is a caregiver rather than a love interest.

Diminished Expectations has the oids.  There is a gynoid, but her story is about survival rather than romance.

The Kung Fu Robots are mostly neuter.  However, some of them prefer masculine or feminine gender.  I don't think I have any romances here either.

The Steamsmith has tommies, another variation of AI based on alchemy.  Tommyrockers are meant to cuddle infants, but there are hints of affection and awareness.

I have written interspecies romance and AI romance.  It's just not a staple for me.  
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