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Sharing Poems

After I posted "Scarier Than Marriage" yesterday, [personal profile] gingicat  mentioned planning to use that as a reply to another piece often posted.

Yes, you can do that.  I heartily encourage it.  Once a poem has been posted -- whether as a freebie or sponsored work -- it becomes free for everyone to read and enjoy.  Share it with anyone you think would appreciate it.  Use it as a part of conversation.  

I have written poems on pretty much every topic that ever caught my interest.  A lot of the Standalone Poems are topical in ways that make them useful for posting as comments on that theme.  Don't see a poem on the topic you need?  Ask me, I may be able to find one in my archives.  If not, you can always prompt for it during any relevant prompt call.  If you have a preferred tone or stance, include that in your prompt and I'll do my best to incorporate it.

Suzette Haden Elgin used to post recipes as comments in hostile threads, as a way of offering a more peaceful approach to communication than arguing.  Me, I like to use poetry.  If I can help make the internet more literary and less flamey, I will be a very happy bard indeed.  :D
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