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Poem: "Scarier Than Marriage"

This is today's freebie, inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] gingicat. It also fills the "fear" square in my 6-4-18 Dark Fantasy card for the Winteriron Bingo Adventure fest.

"Scarier Than Marriage"

Becoming parent is
scarier than marriage --
you don't know who you're
letting into your life for
the next 18 years, and
there is no divorce if
it doesn't work out.

Some people go into it
with lofty aspirations of
pink-and-blue nurseries
only to find out that parenting
isn't all puppies and kittens.

It involves falling in love,
but like romance, sometimes
it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Some people go into it
with a sense of adventure,
looking forward to whatever
the relationship brings.

So it's really more like
an arranged marriage,
where both people have
similar life goals that they
can approach together,
but it takes a lot of work.

When the child arrives
with a disability, all plans
and expectations are upended --

but not necessarily ended.

The success of the family lies
in the parents' ability to face
what seems impossible,

to turn the feeling of
"This is NOT what I
signed up for!"

into the realization
that having a baby
means signing up for

whatever you get.
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