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Monday Yardening

It's a beautiful day outside!  Today is sunny, mild, and breezy.  :D

Round One, I planted morning glories around the wire for the telephone pole. 

EDIT 6/4/18 -- Round Two, we went out and picked up sticks in the yard by the house, then dumped them in the firepit.  We have a nice start on our Litha bonfire.

EDIT 6/4/18 -- Round Three, I checked on fruit.  A few mulberries are dark but don't have much flavor yet.  Also very few are in reach this year after last year's trimming.  :/  Serviceberry has lots of red fruit, again edible but not fully ripe.  Doug  and I picked up sticks from the streetside yard to dump in the firepit.

EDIT 6/4/18 -- Round Four, I trimmed a bit more grass around the wagonwheel garden and then watered some plants.

The dove nest is down to one egg, but she's still sitting on it.
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