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Sunday Yardening

Today is sunny, windy, and mild.  I can't even keep my hat on. >_<  But I am grateful for the cooler air.  :D

Round One, I planted 4 giant yellow marigolds and 4 giant orange marigolds in the septic garden.  I still have some smaller marigolds left to plant.  The yarrows have been nibbled on but not eaten down to the ground.  The lamb's ear and pink chives are blooming.  Some of the bulbs I planted earlier are sprouting. 

I also refilled the hopper feeder and fly-through feeder.  The original thistle sock is almost empty again.  They like it better than the newer one.

EDIT 6-3-18: Round Two, I planted 4 small yellow marigolds and 4 small red marigolds in the septic garden.  This concludes the planting of currently purchased plants.  \o/  I still need to go back out and water them.

EDIT 6-3-18: Round Three, I watered the marigolds and some other plants.

EDIT 6-3-18: Round Four, I put weed killer on weeds in the septic garden.  Then I removed some weeds and brush around the purple-and-white garden. There's still more of that to clear, though.  Another type of small blue allium is blooming there, very pretty.

EDIT 6-3-18: Round Five, I finished weeding around the purple-and-white garden.  Then I sprayed weed killer on the stumps.  As it is now dark, I am done for the night.
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