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Friday Yardening

The air is hot and wet after the rain.  Sun is out now.

Round One, I refilled the birdfeeders.  Then I cleared a space in the purple-and-white garden and planted a purple sedum there.

EDIT 6-1-18: Round Two, I planted three different types of coreopsis around the barrel garden.  Thanks to the rain last night and this morning, the ground is now wet to the depth of my trowel, instead of just the first inch or two. \o/ 

EDIT 6-1-18: Round Three, I cleared a space and planted the white bleeding heart in the forest garden near the kitchen window.

EDIT 6-1-18: Round Four: I cleared space to plant a yellow yarrow and a pink yarrow in the septic garden.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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