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Wednesday Yardening

Today is hot and muggy.  We got some rain, not a lot, but enough to wet the ground.  \o/

Round One, Doug helped me put in the tower for the wild grapevine in the white garden.  Then I pulled grass from around the garden and removed a lot of dead yucca leaves.  The yucca is now sending up a lot of new green shoots.  :D  I planted three different types of artemesia.  I also discovered that the silver mound from last year actually came back, which is rare.  <3 

EDIT 5/30/18: Round Two, I planted two prairie red plums and one sassafras in the streetside yard.

EDIT 5/30/18: Round Three, I covered, mulched, and watered the new seedlings in the streetside yard.  I also potted up a pineapple mint and apple mint.  As it is now dark, I am done for the night.

The linden tree in the streetside yard has buds on it.  I think my persimmon tree is blooming. :D
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