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Monday Yardening

Today is sunny and sweltering.  :P

Round One, I cut grass around the next set of 6 spaces where the privets will go in the savanna. 

EDIT 5-28-18: Round Two, I went out with Doug while he dug holes for the privets.  It's so hot I didn't have the energy to stick plants in the holes yet.  Need to cool off first.

EDIT 5-28-18: Round Three, I planted and covered the last of the privets.  \o/  I still need to water and mulch them.

EDIT 5-28-18: Round Four, I refilled the hopper feeder.  I saw the indigo bunting today too.  I watered the privets and some of the potted plants.

EDIT 5-28-18: Round Five, I planted morning glories and moonflowers around the telephone pole wire.  I also potted up the curled parsley, flat parsley, basil, and remaining snapdragons.  

EDIT 5-28-19: Round Six, I mulched around the 6 newest privets.  As I am out of both energy and sunlight, I am done for the day.

Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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