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Goals for 2009

So far, I've tallied my accomplishments from 2008. Now I'm thinking ahead.

Here are some of my goals for 2009:

  • Find new agent to replace the one that resigned from the agency.
  • [MISSED]

  • Place one new book-length project on the market, either by writing a book proposal or by writing a complete book manuscript.
  • [EDIT: 24 Welsh form + several Welsh language poems add up to a chapbook.][DONE]

  • Finish writing the poems needed to complete The 50 Poetic States collection. Keep shopping around the proposal for it in hopes of finding an editor who likes it and can afford to buy it.
  • [MISSED]

  • Write at least 250 poems. Continue holding one Poetry Fishbowl per month.
  • [EDIT: Total poems in 2009: 269+][DONE]

  • Sell poetry to at least 3 new markets.
  • [EDIT: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly 7/1/09, Torn World 7/1/09, The 3rd Annual SFPA Poetry Contest 2008: Energy anthology][DONE]

  • Write at least 3 stories. Take more care not to let fiction engine idle until things spurt out sideways at inopportune times. (EDIT: "The Girl Who Spoke Toads" written 3/11/09, "Tessie and the Door" 3/14/09, "Fala the Leader" 10/9/09.)
  • [DONE]

  • Edit at least 3 stories that have already been written, and put them on the market. [EDIT: "Today I Speak" 11/17/09, "Fala the Leader" 12/31/09.]
  • [MISSED, but came 2/3 way there.]

  • Experiment with cyberfunded creativity for fiction. [EDIT: "Today I Speak" 11/9/09.]
  • [DONE]

  • Attend at least one convention and volunteer for programming. Try to promote cyberfunded creativity or other potentially lucrative projects.
  • [MISSED]

  • Obtain at least one new, regular writing or editing job that pays reasonably well.
  • [MISSED]

    What are some of your goals for 2009?
    Tags: cyberfunded creativity, editing, fantasy, holiday, paganism, personal, poetry, science fiction, writing

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