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Thursday Yardening

Today is sunny and mild.  :D  Regrettably I won't have as much time as I want for either yardening or writing, as we have multiple houseguests coming over.

I started by making drain holes in the new large trough and square pots.  Closer examination revealed that they all had punchout circles for drainage.  Leave those alone and you have a solid potcover; punch them out and you have a pot to plant in.  We punched them out.  The squares went fine, using a hammer and nail around the edge of the punchline.  The trough had ones with a raised X that looked like it was meant to hit.  Don't do that.  The first one punched out effectively, but the second one created a crack across the bottom of the trough.  I reinforced the crack with duct tape inside and out.  It will probably shorten the life of that trough a little, but I expect it will still last a while.  Chalk it up to a learning experience.

I ran out of potting soil.  The original plan was to pot up a four-pack of peppers (in the trough) and a four-pack of cherry tomatoes (in the two squares).  After filling the trough I realized I was running low, so I just put the four Cubanelle peppers in there and reassessed.  I decided to fill the smaller new trough and I put the Ghost peppers in that.  That one also cleverly includes a wire across the middle to discourage it from spreading.  So not bad, but now I'm out of potting soil with a ton of things to plant.  >_<  I shall have to focus on ones that don't require potting soil; the bareroot stuff from earlier in the week needs planting soon anyhow.  

Cubanelle is a new variety to us.  They are advertised as sweet rather than hot, but the foliage  has a harsh peppery smell.  I am curious whether 1) the flavor description lies and 2) whether the smell will discourage pests.  Last year a hornworm got in my plants and ate some before I found him and smushed him.

Ghost peppers are among the hottest.  Well, this ought to be interesting if they actually fruit up.  My partner likes the crazy things.

EDIT 5/24/18 -- In subsequent rounds, I planted 4 more privets along the south edge of the south lot, then covered, mulched, and watered them.
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