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Feathering the Nest

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is hosting the prompt call "Feathering the Nest" today. This one always focuses on positive stories about nonsexual intimacy. Leave prompts, get ficlets! Boosting the signal or attracting new prompters will get more words. Further perks:

"For those who have any extra funds and want to see a story posted, I've got a little enticement: Shiv is asked, in another emergency situation, to babysit Jaxon. However, this time he asks for help, and gets it. The story is five parts long, but I'll post it and create the internal links all in one sitting, as soon as the tips reach $50.

Oh, and if we reach this goal, I'd written earlier in the month about the idea of posting an entire bonus story on the last day of May as well. That story isn't yet selected, but it will run at least six thousand words, which is twenty-five pages long. I'm practically vibrating in place in excitement for this particular goal, and every single signal boost will help."

EDIT 5/21/18 -- [personal profile] technoshaman has offered to match tips up to $25, which should help reach the goal.  :D
Tags: call for prompts, cyberfunded creativity, event, family skills, fantasy, fiction, networking, reading, weblit
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