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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poems to Write: Calliope and Vagary
These are some poems that I have planned for Calliope and Vagary. Beware of spoilers, and possible triggers.

Due to the difficulty that Calliope and Vagary have in negotiating space, their therapist helps them talk through what would help. So Vagary brings his campervan to Stillwater. He can park it in Calliope's driveway and be close yet not underfoot, or park it somewhere else and be out of her sight altogether. That helps ease the tension between the two of them.
Vagary's Campervan

"Far More Essential Than Our Other Senses"
Because Vagary craves company and Calliope prefers to avoid him, their therapist advises Vagary to meet his social needs elsewhere. So he starts spending more time with other people. Then Calliope finally feels the pull in the bond, and chews him out. Their therapist points out that 1) it's not fair for Calliope to make Vagary do all the work of maintaining the relationship, and 2) telling him to stay away from her and then yelling at him for doing just that is adding insult to injury.

Vagary helps Calliope fine-tune the settings on the health nexus software for the Healthy Choices program.

Kraken calls in the favor to have Calliope blunt some harsh weather heading for one of their bases. It's more than she can quell completely, even with Vagary's help, but they can reduce it considerably. That's still enough to drop a tree on them, though, and Calliope gets a look at Kraken's medical facilities.

"The Most Terrible Poverty"
"A Double-Edged Sword"
Calliope finds a bondworker, Cleaver, who is willing to try separating her from Vagary. Calliope is all for it, despite the risks, and mentions this in a therapy session. Although their therapist expects Vagary to refuse, he doesn't -- "I don't want to be with anyone who doesn't want me." The process itself is a complete disaster. Vagary feels far more of it than Calliope does, and while it's miserable for her, it's downright agonizing for him. Calliope realizes that while she values her freedom, she isn't willing to torture someone in order to get it. So she calls it off, and Cleaver patches up what he can. The one thing accomplished is that it gave Vagary and Calliope their choices back. Recovering from the stress will take time and work, but they should wind up with a stronger and more balanced relationship.

A fire on the Chickasaw Reservation inspires them to call Calliope for help. She asks Vagary to come with her.

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