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Monday Yardening

Today is sunny, hot, and breezy.  I potted up the golden marjoram and the stevia to put on the picnic table.  I planted a dwarf curry and borage in the cistern garden. 

EDIT 5/14/18: I planted morning glory and moonflower seeds in the barrel garden, and more morning glories around the support wire for the telephone pole.

EDIT 5/14/18: I put out bergamot and pineapple mint in the strip garden along the patio, butterfly weed by the barrel garden, and mountain mint in the wildflower garden.  I'm finished with the flat of herbs.  \o/

Also, goldfinches have found the thistle sock.  I just hung it yesterday.  A male and a female are eating from it now.  :D

EDIT 5/14/18: I planted wild bergamot and wild quinine in the wildflower garden.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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