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Poems to Write: Officer Pink and Turq

These are poems planned for the Officer Pink thread, many of them featuring Turq. Spoilers everywhere, some of them potentially triggery.

"More Light Than Darkness"
The crossdresser that Ansel walked home earlier gets raped, and since the victim support team's only male member is currently on paternity leave, Ansel gets tapped to help because the victim wants a male officer.

"A Treasure to Protect"
Someone beats up Ethan, who comes to Ansel for refuge. Ansel reminds him of the house rule about treating injuries, but leaves Ethan the choice of whether to take care of himself or accept help. Ethan decides to let Ansel help.

Ethan offers to help Turq get used to working with a healer, and offers to help both Turq and Ansel figure out what's going on with their superpowers.

"From This Intolerable Overload of Feeling"
Justin tries to talk with Turq but spooks him into a panic response in public. Turq swallows the energy instead of letting it lash out, which tears up his body. Ansel and Justin provide comfort. A paramedic stops to ask if Turq is okay and make sure the police aren't hurting him. Turq asks Ansel to show the emergency card in Turq's wallet, which lists Ansel as an emergency contact.

Ansel suggests that having medical backup beyond Ethan would be a good idea, and talks Turq into visiting the veterinarian who cares for all the police animals.

"As They Digest the Hurt"
After reuniting with his family, Turq starts throwing out wild teenage behavior, which drives Ansel up a wall. One night, Turq gets drunk and calls Dao to pick him up. Mingxia calls Ansel from River City to let him know where Turq is, and reassures Ansel that this is actually encouraging behavior from a traumatized fosterling.

"The Silent Screams of Delirium"
A supervillain with Pheromone powers rapes Justin because he is a cop. Ansel helps him get through the initial examination from a paramedic, but Justin is unwilling to go to the hospital at that time. Still under the influence of the Phermones, Justin kisses Ansel, which makes Justin freak out even more despite Ansel not minding it. The chief calls in a favor for backup, which brings in the supervillain team of Ruggiero, Liborio, and Olympia. Ansel takes Justin to a motel, where the supervillains meet them. Olympia succeeds in breaking the Pheromone influence, but Justin is a basket case and she can't fix the mental injuries. So she calls Il Dottore for backup, and he manages to get Justin calmed down enough to visit the hospital.

"Fougere" (about the caney's violet gland)
Ansel comes home after dealing with his partner Justin getting raped, and snaps at Turq, so Turq shifts to caney form to provide comfort.

"A Solid Foundation of Friends and Family"
Ruggiero and company meet with Ansel at his cabin to discuss the aftermath of what happened to Justin. They want to use Bluehill as a base of operations, with the stipulation of not planning crimes in town. Ansel bargains for the exclusion to cover the whole county.

Justin and his wife Celia visit Ansel and Janie. Turq falls back into the child-servant training that he learned at home, standing more-or-less at attention in case Celia wants anything. Pillows. Water. The magazine that's just out of reach. It helps him stay calm if he has something else to focus on other than being indoors. When it turns out that her appetite is still touch-and-go, Turq borrows Ansel's rice cooker and makes banana rice balls, which are a hit.

"Knowing It to Be Pain"
While Turq is in deer form, someone shoots him with an arrow. He staggers back to Ansel's cabin. Ansel calls Ethan to heal the injury.

"The Feeling It Gives Them"
After Turq recovers from the shooting incident, Ansel contacts the game warden. In T-America, it is generally illegal to hunt animals of exotic color, because they might have superpowers. The game warden thinks that Turq is connected with someone he knows, so when he comes to talk with Turq, he brings along Saffron who is a member of Turq's cohort. The two of them are happy to reunite. Examining the arrow shows that it belongs to someone who has been cited repeatedly for poaching, so the game warden is glad for a reason to arrest him since the attempted murder charge will send him to jail for a good long time and keep him out of the woods.

After Celia gives birth, Turq refers to the baby as "stinky little pig," just as he did with his sister Baozhen.

The police and SPOON organize a raid on the mad science compound, which may run long enough to require multiple poems.

"Comfort Always" 5/7/19
Kedric says that Lilita (and the others with minor injuries) shouldn't stay in the tent with the straw bedding.
Filly contacts the owner of the nearest farm store and goes for supplies, including rubber mats for safe comfortable bedding. She arranges tent housing and other comforts for the centaurs.

Discuss where centaurs can go. Ansel calls his grandfather, and Conrad offers to host the centaurs on his farm. They make arrangements to move them to his farm.

Centaurs will have the option of riding in trailers or taking a trail ride led by Filly.

Kedric and Filly talk about how their home town will become known as the place where all these horrible things happened, instead of the pastoral place they know.

Turq and Ansel talk more with the locals, and discover that another of Turq's cohort may be in the area as Kedric mentions the purple cat rumored to be seen around Ava.

Turq and Ansel decide to spend the night at a hotel rather than drive home so late.

The centaur survivors are moved to Conrad's farm.

Conrad reports that the Army has identified Kim Van's American grandfathers, but they are both deadbeats. So he offers to adopt her himself, since he was in Vietnam and consorted with local women himself. She accepts.

Carl Bernhardt goes to trial.

The cohort decides that Bernhardt's research is contaminated and so everything that isn't related to living victims should be destroyed. Turq decides to run some of it through a shredder in front of his cell.

"Why Retribution Has Come Upon Him"
And then Bernhardt decides that he's a super-intellect who doesn't have to stay in jail if he doesn't want to, so he escapes. Whereupon Dr. Infanta and the Undertaker trample him to jam.

"What I Choose to Become"
Alumni of the former Technical College of New Jutland band together to buy back the campus and turn it into a college again. They make a memorial to the victims of Carl Bernhardt, along with other atrocities. The college shifts its offerings to include more liberal arts content along with superpower issues.
"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
-- Carl Jung

Ansel goes on a visit to the Grubstakes, a mudrunning obstacle course with a variety of prizes, in the company of Skippy and his sister Dawn. "Grubbers are friendly folks," Dawn observes as total strangers band together to help each other past the obstacles.

One Halloween, Ethan dresses as Puddleglum the Marsh-Wiggle. Skippy teases him, "Not much of a costume." Ansel dresses as a thistle, complete with a butterfly hair clip with spring-mounted flapping wings.
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