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Poems to Write: Pips and Joshua

I have some lists of poems that I want to write. If you don't have ideas for "anything goes" prompts on Tuesday, you can pick any of the planned poems that you would like to see written out. These lists will contain many spoilers, so consider whether that's likely to bother you.

Poems to Write: Pips and Joshua

Written but not yet sponsored and posted, "The Gossamer Threads of Trust" features a bullying shove by Mark Hastings that leaves Pips with a broken pair of glasses and a superpowered migraine. Joshua takes Pips back to their hotel suite and takes care of him. This sets up for subsequent poems.

* The morning after the attack, Pips is rambling around in his sleep mask and Joshua is being extra careful with him. Replacement glasses arrive. Pips and Joshua talk about what happens next.

[[personal profile] dialecticdreamer will write Heron giving Pips a massage in the afternoon of the same day.]

* Pips needs to visit the hospital to calibrate the new glasses, which is a nuisance, and he is surprised that Joshua offers to go along for moral support.

[[personal profile] dialecticdreamer will follow this with a cuddle pile of Pips, Joshua, and Bennett.]

* The meeting at the police station includes Pips, Joshua, Mark, Mark's lawyer, and the adjudicator who gets stuck with the case. Joshua has had it with Mark's escalating pattern of misbehavior. Pips considers this exactly the kind of behavior he was sent to town to deal with in the first place.
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