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Today's Adventures

Today started with a trip to the Native Plant Sale. I bought a flat of 18 plants, mostly prairie wildflowers and grasses, from Grand Prairie Friends; a flat of 12 from the herb society; and four woodland wildflowers from another lady. \o/ Score!

We stopped at Dr. G's Game Store in Marketplace Mall, where Doug picked up an Altair coloring book. I had the earlier editions of the same patterns when I was little.

We visited my parents for early Mother's Day. Mom was thrilled with her flowers, and continues to be enamored of the ceramic pot, so I'll probably continue doing that instead of plastic if I can find good ones each year.

Afterwards, we wanted to hit El Oasis for dessert, but first we noticed a new African market, Ashar. It's a tiny little place, but they had a bunch of stuff that's hard to find here (like the goat chunks) or that I've only read about (like the cassava). We bought a couple of drinks, one Jamaican ginger beer and a Tropical Rhythms Pineapple Coconut fruit juice. We had the latter on the way home, and it's awesome. If you love piña colada, definitely watch for this.  Meanwhile we're going to look up some of our African recipes and go shopping there again.
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