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Thursday Yardening

Today was sunny and very warm.  We went out to run errands.  We bought a flowerpot and an armload of flowers for Mother's Day, along with potting soil and other stuff.

When we got home, I potted up the flowers for Mom.  This year it's a creamy white pot with faint blue swirls around the rim.  Plants include white gazania, white zinnia, blue wave petunia, dusty miller artemesia, several coleus, then blue lobelia and white alyssum around the edge.  It's a big pot, I can just get my arms around it.  :D

White spirea bushes are blooming.  Some irises in the flower garden alongside the parking lot have buds on them.  So does the columbine in the rain garden.
Tags: family skills, gardening, holiday, illinois, nature, personal

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