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Wednesday Yardening

Today is partly sunny, warm, and breezy.  We picked up several piles of grass and weed stems. 

EDIT 5/9/18: I trimmed most of the grass and weeds around the cistern garden.  I still have a bit of the edge to finish, a lot more to do inside it.

EDIT 5/9/18: I finished trimming around the septic garden.  Next I will need to weed it.

EDIT 5/9/18: I cut the burdock out of the septic garden and removed some other weeds. There's more left to do, but at least now I can see  the garden.  Quite a lot has returned from last year!  There are pink chives, wild chives, rhubarb, at least one of the carnations, sedum, sweet mint, chocolate mint, and lamb's ear.  :D
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal

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