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Matter and Antimatter

Here's an article about matter and antimatter in the universe.  The scientists are being all baffled about why the universe is pretty much all matter and no antimatter.  I can think of several explanations, some more likely than others.

* Sheer chance.  Just because a penny comes up heads umpteen zillion times in a row doesn't mean it has to come up tails the next time.  Chance is extremely unlikely, but it is an absolutely valid possibility.

* When matter and antimatter collide, they tend to explode.  We might've started out with a lot more matter and most of it blew itself up, leaving a tiny fraction of whichever type was slightly more prevalent.  Once the scale is tipped it tends to stay that way.

* They also don't like to live together, which tends to create mirror-twin universes, one of matter and one of antimatter.  Imagine if people lived on a magnet, they'd wonder why it was all North because they didn't know about the South end.  This and the previous one are moderately possible but difficult to prove.

* Or there could be a mistake in the math.  That's quite possible, and straightforward to prove if enough other brains go over it.

* Or what's there is valid but there's a piece missing that would explain the selection toward matter.  This is likely.  Some things set randomly, but once set, they tend to stay put throughout.  Sugars do it too.
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