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Friday Yardening

Today is mild and gray.  We saw a native sparrow this morning, possibly a song sparrow or Lincoln's sparrow, rather than the invasive house sparrows that are everywhere.

My first project was planting several wildflowers in the prairie garden: rattlesnake master, spiderwort, and partridge pea.

Doug spent the morning raking a large area between the house and driveway.  For my second project, I filled the grass seeder and went over that, so now it's done.  The seeder didn't want to work right at first, so that took several times the work it should have.  Possibly it was just overfilled.

Lilacs and honeysuckles have started blooming.

So have my jack-in-the-pulpit and Solomon's seal.  Bluebells are leafing out but have no buds yet.  I may not be very good at growing vegetables, but I have repeatedly convinced finicky wildflowers to bloom in my garden.  \o/

EDIT 5/4/18: I planted a Tundra Honeyberry and an Aurora Honeyberry along the fence by the street.
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