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May Overview from Dialecticdreamer

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted a May Overview. A few highlights:

The focus this month on my blog will be on the stories in the Berettaflies series within the Polychrome Heroics universe.

If anyone wants to give me prompts for Berettaflies, go for it. I haven't written Stylet in a while, and although I don't think he's autistic per se, he's obviously not neurotypical.

Magpie Monday is on the fourteenth of May. That's my first prompt call, and collects prompts for ideas and events. This month's theme is fairy tales, intended to be as open-ended and inviting as possible. [---8<---] If I get $50 in donations, I'll post “Babysitting Emergency,” a six thousand words story posted in five parts (All at once! Hurrah!) When Tamika falls ill and cannot watch Jaxon, Shiv uses the emergency to (rightfully) call for help.

Feathering the Nest is on the twenty-third of May. I'm setting the donations goal at $50, just as for the Magpie Monday. I'm looking forward to reaching that donation goal so that I can post “Bottom Rungs.” When Shiv and Jaxon visit the Finn home, they get a chance to see a starting point… One with the potential to help far more than the specific task implies.

If I reach both goals, I'll post another long story on the last day of May, along with the preview for June. The planned story is “Halley's Reparations,” a four part glimpse into the first successful repair to the damage to the relationship between Shiv and Halley

Keep an eye on those donation goals, because the stories are hot stuff. :D I've read the Shiv pair, and they lay in a lot of groundwork about how his life is shaping up. Which is nice to read after the last angsty story about him!

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